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One hundred years ago, there were no assembly lines for the making of furniture.  Each piece was carefully "bench made" from start to finish by a single craftsman who took proud responsibility for his work.  Today, this tradition - and the design that were developed over the centuries-live on at Nottingham Antiques.  Since 1988 the subtle details of old-world furniture creation have been studied and learned from years of importing and restoring fine European antiques.  These techniques along with Brian's mechanical engineering degree from The Georgia Institute of Technology have been applied to the crafting of Nottingham's reproductions, using standards that often exceed those of the originals.  So now, you can fill your room with versatile new furniture that retains the charm, the elegance, and the style of  richly-designed antiques.  And no matter where you place your new pieces, each one will become a new centerpiece for your home. 

Brian S. Young

Nottingham Antiques Inc.




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